We are a national company with headquarters in Mannheim. The entrepreneurial regional focus lies in the economically strong Rhine-Neckar region. It will gradually be extended to southern Germany as part of the business expansion.

Our core competencies game diversity, technology and operating enable us to offer the best games anywhere, anytime, based on the respective legal framework.


Based in Mannheim, Eurofinale GmbH offers significant “state-of-the-art” gaming concepts in the entertainment, gambling and catering market segments, a remarkable range of games such as reliable services. With a flair for the market, Eurofinale GmbH proves time and time again the right feeling for corresponding innovations, sustainable trends and perceptible successes in the vending industry and thus further and connected concepts.

Our offer includes the installation of gaming machines, the provision of sports betting, the establishment of betting offices and basic catering concepts. We are happy to accompany our customers from the first draft to the turnkey handover.

Our betting offices and high-quality equipped casinos are now established at many locations. We are convinced of our proven entertainment offerings and therefore offer them as part of various partner models.

The market and further development

The sports betting market is currently experiencing a veritable boom in Germany. This will continue according to current studies and surveys. At present, bookmakers in Germany are converting 8.6 billion euros per year (as of 2018). Nevertheless, it is still impossible to detect saturation in this demanding market environment. On the contrary – compared to other countries, German sports betting is still in its infancy. It seems to be conclusive, if not undisputed, that the growth of the betting operator industry will continue to progress noticeably in the coming years. Furthermore, it seems imperative that the Federal Government in the coming years must adapt the nationally restrictive laws to the European Union and its guidelines. This final legalization of sports betting will be linked to another boom in the market.

Cooperation, quality, service

The Eurofinale Partnership Program

The key to success lies in the strong partnership. With systematic and cooperative support, both the individual and a commercial enterprise can grow in a perceptibly more sustainable and, above all, more profitable way. It is, of course, a remarkable advantage to be part of such a strong community

As a shareholder, as a concept provider, we are expressly interested in contacts to future partners who want to gain a foothold in a dynamic industry successfully and in particular sustainably.

Start the leap into self-employment through cooperation with Eurofinale or expand your existing business. We operate in a demanding market and assist you in the conception, execution, as if in the financing of your business project. As a future premium partner, you will also benefit from our diverse marketing measures and responsible employee training in order to acquire and retain customers.

The success of our affiliate program is based on many years of experience in the sports betting segment and in the field of casino equipment. It relies on the trusting relationships with our partners and not least on a professional as well as competent service – which among other things is characterized by a reliable and fast payment process.


Since 2006, the year in which Eurofinale GmbH opened its first branch in Mutterstadt in Rhineland-Palatinate, a lot has happened: our premium partner contracts are geared towards reliable sustainability and, of course, the willingness of all direct corporate actors to make a long-term commitment to the Eurofinale to contribute with full vigor. In addition to a constant business exchange, the Eurofinale offers an intense cooperation, the experience and reliable expertise of a visible national brand.

Cooperation between Eurofinale and its partners is collegial, performance-oriented, full and well-defined. Through regular roundtables and other meetings, the partners are in constant dialogue with each other. In addition, all premium partners will be involved in strategic development via the Leadership Council and will take on additional functions there.

The Eurofinale Premium Partner Program creates the perfect conditions for:

  • Intensive support in operational business
  • In-depth advice, such as training
  • Provision of marketing concepts
  • Central Purchasing & Scale Benefits
  • Gastronomic cross-selling options
  • Full support throughout the initiation process
  • Continuing education opportunities and seminars
  • Short ways and personal contacts


Eurofinale GmbH works closely with selected and qualified concept partners who want to offer their customers attractive leisure activities. Both you as a partner, as well as the clientele all benefit from advantages and our far-reaching responsible competence.

Basically, the Eurofinale Premium Partner Program is suitable for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. It should be noted that the following prerequisites must be met in principle according to our corporate policy:

  • Fundamental enthusiasm, passion for sport and sports betting
  • Profound commercial and gastronomic knowledge
  • Basic sales and service knowledge
  • Strong customer and service orientation
  • Extremely friendly and open-minded, as well as communicative skills
  • Flawless police certificate
  • Flawless Central Commercial Register extract

In our experience, the respective individual integrity of the individual applicant for the Eurofinale GmbH is the most important point.

The investment costs for putting a betting shop into operation clarify and prove seriousness and sustainable commercial commitment to a partner. Therefore, Eurofinale GmbH basically welcomes a financial foundation (equity and related requirements), which is by no means encumbered by third parties. Solution-oriented is the experience so far that this capital can be partially funded in part or completely by conventional bank financing.

Social responsibility

Company in general and expressly we as Eurofinale GmbH have a special obligation towards society and the environment. The interest and sensitivity of the population in terms of protection have joyfully increased in recent years. The public rightly demands a fundamentally responsible approach.

We stand for games with responsibility – the latest findings and subsequent targeted implementation of prevention, youth and consumer protection are continuously incorporated into our commercial leisure activities.

Our employees are guarantors with our range of games and restaurants as well as campaigners for ensuring that our offers set conscientious social standards.

The social responsibility of our company serves as the basis, unsolicited and with joy, to integrate social and adequate interests in the business activities of Eurofinale GmbH and in the relationship with our stakeholders.

Social commitment – commitment to a better future.

“Give back to society a part of what it has given you.” With this phrase, the entrepreneur Leke Kabashi clarifies his corporate philosophy together.

That’s why the Eurofinale has been happily providing donations for the disadvantaged for years and supporting the

With this support we want to take responsibility for future generations and reliably contribute to the maintenance and development of the facility as well as related aid projects. We increase our fixed contribution by a monthly additional donation.